All Intavolations on this page are for 3  Lutes Ad Quartam. (g',g' and D-lutes  or  a',a' and E-lutes)

Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0
All Intavolations are in french Lute-tabulatur. (Most ot them with diminutions in the tradition of the great luteplayers of the 16. Century.) If performed I would look forward about a small reference to my efforts.


The  -  "x" means, you can get a guitar transcription in modern staff notation too.


Anonymous Barafostus Dreame
Aston, Hugh Hornpype x,_Hugh)
Brewster In Nomine II xà5_(Brewster)
Bull, John In Nomine,_John)
Byrd, William Sing joyfully x,_William)
Cabezón, Antonio de  Diferencias sobre el Canto del Cavarello x'El_Canto_del_Caballero'_(Cabezón,_Antonio_de)
Cabezon, Hernando Pis ne me peult venirón,_Hernando_de)
Eberlin, Johann Ernst Versus 1,_Johann_Ernst)#IMSLP351473
Engelmann, Georg Galliarda Costapo x,_Georg)
Engelmann, Georg Galliarda Sunon x,_Georg)
Franck, Melchior Intrada III à 6,_Melchior)
Franzoni, Amante Canzona x,_Amante)
Ghiselin, Johannes Verbonnet La Spagna,_Johannes_Verbonnet)
L'Heritier Surrexit pastor bonus xéritier,_Jean)
Malvezzi, Cristofano Sinfonia from Intermedio 4,_Cristofano)
Merulo, Claudio Canzon Decimaottava x,_Claudio)
Mortaro, Antonio Canzon 3 x,_Antonio)#IMSLP272734
Mortaro, Antonio Canzon 6  x,_Antonio)
Praetorius, Michael Nun lob mein Seel den Herren (Variation II),_Michael)
Rodio, Rocco Ave Maria Stella,_Rocco)
Rossi, Michelangelo Toccata XI x,_Michelangelo)
Scheidt, Samuel Canzon ad imitationem Bergamesca Anglica  x'Bergamasca',_SSWV_64_(Scheidt,_Samuel)#IMSLP273180
Weelkes, Thomas In Nomine II x,_Thomas%29